Offshore Fishing

Offshore Fishing

by Seaforth Staff
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4:30pm - The Pacifica just called in with 67 Yellowfin, 11 Bluefin and 22 Yellowtail for their 1.5 day trip! They have some time left to fish before heading in tomorrow morning!

Full Day Fishing

The New Seaforth has 50+ yellowfin on the boat for their 44 Full Day anglers!

The San Diego also has 50+ yellowfin on the boat for their 46 anglers.

The New Seaforth still has room on their Full Day trip tomorrow, and is a definite run. Flourocarbon is highly recommended (15-20#), and size 2 and 4 hooks have been very successful. Make your reservations now!

Earlier Reports

The Tribute reported in with 37 yellowfin for their 32 full day anglers.

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The TRIBUTE checked in from the first day of a two day with 25 bluefin tuna to 40#'s, 72 yellowtail and 5 yellowfin tuna. He still was in a bluefin stop as of 6:30 pm with multiple fish hooked up.The VOYAGER's overnight charter had great fishing with 15 anglers boating 75 yellowfin tuna and 1 bluefin tuna.The EL GATO DOS caught 3 bluefin, 8 yellowfin, 8 dorado and 3 yellowtail for his 6 anglers on a chartered full day trip....... Read More