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Jun 1 (May 30-Jun 2) 2.5-day Limited load

by TEAM SEARCHER / Searcher Sportfishing
Good morning, Once the sun went down we saw very little sign last night. It seems to be a trend that we’re not a fan of. We did scrape up a handful of 20-25lb fish however.  We left around 2:30 to
(More...) (Thursday, June 1, 2023)

2 day report

by SCOTT MEISEL / Condor Sportfishing
The guys had a little action last night to start their 2 day trip. They are up to 23 bluefin with lots of time remaining! Space available next week on the 90' Condor 
(More...) (Thursday, June 1, 2023)

 Cow Town Puerto Vallarta

by JUSTIN RYAN / El Pescador Charters
Please welcome out newest sponsor El Pescador Charters in Puerto Vallarta.  The owner Larry Lionetti has created a fabulous fishing experience with Captain Justin Ryan at the helm. Come join us for a trip aboard the El Pescador where you enjoy
(More...) (Friday, February 24, 2023)

From the bridge

by BRIAN KIYOHARA / American Angler Sportfishing
11 yt working down here yesterday afternoon kids drove and caught 7 fish 75-125lbs and one escolar same zone as the guys beautiful wxA few yellowtail, 7  tuna 75-125#s, one Escolar and beautiful weather.  More opportunities ahead before heading home
(More...) (Thursday, June 1, 2023)

261 pounder on deck

The @redroosteriii with a 261# on deck! Looks like the June Heat trip is heating up! Well done boys! @kevinunderwood
(More...) (Thursday, June 1, 2023)

We saw all grades of tuna today

by RYAN BOSTIAN / The San Diego
37 bluefin 11 yellowtail. We saw all grades of tuna today from 20-200lbs but the 20-40lbers were the eager ones. The savvy angler would have a 30-40lb rod to flyline for smaller grade tuna and a 80-130lb rod to fish
(More...) (Wednesday, May 31, 2023)

On The Hunt

by DAVID IBRAHIM / Tomahawk Sportfishing
The Tomahawk is out on a 2-day limited load trip for trophies. Check out their schedule online. They have 2-day limited load trips departing on Wednesday, May 31, Sunday, June 4, and Tuesday, June 6. Check out the full schedule online at
(More...) (Monday, May 29, 2023)

Trophy hunting

by JAMES MCDANIELS / Grande Sportfishing
21 anglers: 1 Bluefin Tuna. It seems like every year, at least for the past 5-6 years, we spend a very short period of our season targeting these giants. We spend the bulk of our season fishing for Yellowfin Tuna,
(More...) (Monday, May 29, 2023)

Good fishing and good times continue

by GAVIN HARBOUR / Pacific Queen Sportfishing
They are definitely making us work for it, but the good fishing and good times continue onboard the Pacific Queen .
(More...) (Sunday, May 28, 2023)

Good Fishing!

by MATT BARLOW / Limitless Sportfishing
We've had great opportunites the last few days on quality BFT in the day and at night. We have openings in June and July if you would like to scracth the itch aboard Limitless! Thank you! Limitless Crew
(More...) (Saturday, May 27, 2023)

Nice AM Trip

by BIG HUNGRY / Point Loma Sportfishing
The Daily Double had a nice morning half day trip with mix of Bass and Rockfish. Here is a pic of a couple nice Bass caught here locally inshore. 
(More...) (Friday, May 26, 2023)

We will be reopening Wednesday, May 31st!!

by HODGES LAKE STAFF / Hodges Lake
We will be reopening Wednesday, May 31st!! We will be open for boats rentals, kayak rentals, shore fishing, Kayaking and float tubes. We now have pontoons available for rent as well! Rentals are first come first serve. We will have plenty of
(More...) (Tuesday, May 23, 2023)

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