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Lots of action!

by JAMES MCDANIELS / Grande Sportfishing
26 Anglers: 13 Yellowtail, 135 Bonito. Action! We have lots of room on Friday and Sunday, we need your help to get off the dock! Please make your reservations with H&M Landing, we will run any trip with 8 people and
(More...) (Wednesday, June 19, 2024)

Day 2 fishing Avet 7 day

by INTREPID SPORTFISHING / Intrepid Sportfishing
Busy morning for us with a 70/30 mix on Yellowtail and Yellowfin. Lot of 28 to 35lb Yellows with the tuna being a steady 18 to 25lbs. Little breezy but it’s a beautiful ride on the anchor. We will check
(More...) (Wednesday, June 19, 2024)

Working Up

by BRIAN SIMS / Royal Star Sportfishing
Traveling up today. We may stop for a little bit to stretch our legs and try for a nice calico bass lunch.  Mark Zakowski with a surface iron eater yesterday.    We had a cancellation on our Phenix rods 4 day trip departing
(More...) (Wednesday, June 19, 2024)


by FISHERMANS LANDING STAFF / Fishermans Landing
6/19/2024 The Dolphin PM trip had 75 calico bass,(100 plus released), 16 rockfish, 1 ling cod, 6 sculpin, 2 sheephead, and 25 barracuda released. The Pacific Dawn just called in with 17 Bluefin Tuna for their 1.5 day trip with 13 anglers. The Islander
(More...) (Wednesday, June 19, 2024)

Bluefin are Biting!

by H&M LANDING / H&M Landing
The Vendetta 2, captained by Ray Summer, called in multiple times to update us as they caught fish on their reverse overnight! They returned back to the dock this morning with 51 Bonito, 15 Yellowtail, and 17 Bluefin Tuna! The Legend
(More...) (Wednesday, June 19, 2024)

Wednesday Afternoon Update

by BIG HUNGRY / Point Loma Sportfishing
The Daily Double returned from their AM 1/2 trip with LIMITS of Calico Bass, 3 Rockfish and 3 Sheephead.  The New Lo-An returned from their 3 day trip with 26 Bluefin Tuna (30-50#) for 17 passengers.  Today's afternoon trip on the Daily Double
(More...) (Wednesday, June 19, 2024)

Wednesday Update

by SEAFORTH STAFF / Seaforth Landing
Bluefin Updates The Tribute just checked in from their 1.5 Day with 19 Bluefin up to 70lbs! Their Overnight trip departing tomorrow evening is a definite run. Wednesday Returns The Highliner returned from an early departure Overnight this morning with 36 Bluefin
(More...) (Wednesday, June 19, 2024)

100+ bluefin so far for their 3 day trip

by MIKE LACKEY / Vagabond Sportfishing
Capt Andrew and the guys checked in with 100+ bluefin so far for their 3 day trip and still a few hours of fishing time left.
(More...) (Tuesday, June 18, 2024)

Definite go for bluefin

by SCOTT MEISEL / Condor Sportfishing
The 90' Condor is a definite go for Wednesday morning and Friday evenings trips. The returned from their last trip with limits of bluefin tuna. GET SOME 
(More...) (Tuesday, June 18, 2024)

Calico's on the chew......

by BIG HUNGRY / Point Loma Sportfishing
Fun day at the kelp beds this afternoon. The Daily Double’s PM ½ day trip returned with 67 Calico Bass, 8 Rockfish, 2 Sheephead and one Sculpin for 18 passengers. The group also released another 69 Calico Bass during the
(More...) (Monday, June 17, 2024)

Lake Jennings Fishing Report

by LAKE JENNINGS STAFF / Lake Jennings Staff
Catfish Season: We stocked 1,500 pounds of Channel Catfish from Alpine Fishery the week of May 20th. The next stocking of 1,000 pounds will be the week of June 17th. A total of 8,500 pounds of catfish will be stocked this
(More...) (Thursday, June 13, 2024)

3.5 lb. Bass

by WOHLFORD LAKE STAFF / Wohlford Lake
Dyaln Herring caught a 3.5 lbs bass by the crappie float with a wacky rig
(More...) (Monday, June 10, 2024)

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