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by RYAN BOSTIAN / The San Diego
Mother Nature was kind to us today as we landed 164 yellowfin and 1 bluefin off of a 5 hr drift. Same tackle, a 20 lb bait rod and a 30 or 40 lb bait rod. Size 4 and 2
(More...) (Thursday, September 19, 2019)


by BRIAN SIMS / Royal Star Sportfishing
We had a long day of short stops in good weather. For all Of the action we had the score just didn’t add up. We did get some quality yellowfin and a sprinkling of nice Bluefin. Jeff Morris gets the honors
(More...) (Thursday, September 19, 2019)


by PAUL STRASSER / Independence Sportfishing
Hello folks. So far our trip has been a great success. We fished at Guadalupe for some large tuna. The fishing was tough there but we managed to catch some nice grade tuna and a token Wahoo . We went
(More...) (Thursday, September 19, 2019)

Tagging the better grade!

by TEAM SUPREME / Polaris Supreme
Hello Everyone, Today we had great Tuna fishing on the better grade fish. We were able to be selective and tag the Tuna between 20-40lbs. It was not wide open but we were able to pick for most of the day.
(More...) (Thursday, September 19, 2019)

2.5 Day charter openings

by GINA CAVANAUGH (SAN DIEGO) / Pacific Dawn Sportfishing
2.5 day Charter departing 10/13/19 has four spots open! $900pp includes meals and snacks. Call Brad Gardner to book your spot! (310) 227-5984  also check out other openings on www.Pacificdawn.com
(More...) (Thursday, September 19, 2019)

Getting it done

by ERNIE PRIETO / Oceanside Sea Center
Captain David Yumori on a half day trip aboard the Chubasco2 is having an excellent day of rock cod fishing. He says that "some people already have their limits and the others are trying hard to finish up with theres."
(More...) (Thursday, September 19, 2019)

Why Wish? Go Fish!

by H&M LANDING / H&M Landing
morning returns: Legend:   190 Yellowfin Tuna, 40 SkipJack Tuna, 2 Bluefin Tuna Excalibur:   112 Yellowfin Tuna, 2 Bluefin Tuna Poseidon:   86 Yellowfin Tuna, 84 SkipJack Tuna, 1 Bluefin Tuna Reel Champion:   1 Bluefin Tuna – 271 Lbs! Mustang is a definite go at 9 PM tonight
(More...) (Thursday, September 19, 2019)

100 + Yellowfin Tuna on Board

by JEFF SPAFFORD / Tomahawk Sportfishing
Captain Jeff Spafford called in with an update from the Tomahawk out of Fisherman's Landing in San Diego, CA. We have around 100 Yellowfin Tuna on board with most of them in the 20-30 pound range and a few up to
(More...) (Wednesday, September 18, 2019)

Condor 1.5 Day Trip Wrap Up

by SCOTT MEISEL / Condor Sportfishing
Scott Meisel called in with a wrap up from 1.5 Day Trip from the Condor out of Fisherman's Landing in San Diego, CA. We had a great day of fishing. Finished the trip with 155 Yellowfin Tuna up to 32 pounds.  Spots
(More...) (Wednesday, September 18, 2019)

Tuesday PM Update

by FISHERMANS LANDING STAFF / Fishermans Landing
September 17th, 2019 The Liberty called in with 169 Yellowfin Tuna, 4 Bluefin Tuna, and 40 Skipjack Tuna for their 2 day trip with 26 anglers. The Tomahawk called in with 40 Yellowfin Tuna (up to 30#) and 12 Skipjack on their overnight
(More...) (Tuesday, September 17, 2019)

3,500 Lbs. Catfish Stocking October 5 & 6

by SANTEE LAKES STAFF / Santee Lake Recreation
3,500 lbs. of CATFISH will be stocked for this event! STOCKZILLA COMING OCTOBER 5 & 6!
(More...) (Tuesday, September 17, 2019)

Albino Catfish at Dixon Lake

by DIXON LAKE STAFF / Dixon Lake
Juan of Menifee caught a 2lb 4oz albino catfish Saturday at Whisker Bay.
(More...) (Monday, September 16, 2019)

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