2 Day Limits....240 Yellowfin!!!!

2 Day Limits....240 Yellowfin!!!!

by Tomahawk Crew
(619) 221-8500

Captain Jeff Spafford called in with a morning report from the Tomahawk out of Fisherman's Landing in San Diego, CA. 

We have been on the Yellowfin Tuna grounds . We are headed for the islands to see if we can get some more Bluefin on board.

Fish count so far for 24 angerlers:

240 Yellowfin Tuna
48 Yellowtail
2 Bluefin Tuna
7 Bonita

We are within overnight range. Get out here and get your freezer full of some Yellowfin Tuna.

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Captain Jeff Spafford
Fisherman's Landing
San Diego, CA

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