Fishing???s Close Now

Fishing???s Close Now

by Bill Roecker
(760) 722-2133

With half-day boats as far north as Oceanside running out to fish kelp paddies as close as four to five miles from the beach, you'd expect even multi-day boats to be fishing close, and you'd be right.

(Photo: Goldsmith Jon Petty scored this big dorado 40 miles from San Diego. Photo by Jack Nilsen)

"It's all up here now," said Royal Star skipper Randy Toussaint Sunday. "It's almost time to start looking up by the Cortes Bank. And it's time for the next wave to come up from the south."

Albacore have surprised some anglers by remaining 15 to 20 miles south of the Coronados Islands. The numbers of longfin being caught aren't great, but the fish are mostly of good quality, at 25 pounds or more.

(Photo: Mike Lum bagged his dodo on the Eldorado. Photo by Jack Nilsen)

One angler who got out recently was Jack Nilsen of Accurate, who sent these photos and a report:

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Oceanside 95

Captain Rick Slavkin
Helgrens Sportfishing
Oceanside, CA

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