1.5 Day Charkbait trip 5/19 - Tomahawk Sportfishing

1.5 Day Charkbait trip 5/19 - Tomahawk Sportfishing

by Eric Sauerwein
(619) 909-6079

First off - THANK YOU to our great sponsors at Charkbait for all their help putting together this trip and offering great prizes for the anglers!  We had a great time, everybody brought the right attitudes and we would love to have Charkbait back any time on Tomahawk.


Short story: Our anglers voted to focus on the bluefin.  Bluefin fishing was very tough.  Lot's of bluefin schools marked on sonar, seen boiling on our chum but none caught.  Many schools like this one right under the boat and seen boiling 360 degrees around us wouldn't touch a jig or hooked bait.  Only 1 rat yellowtail to show for all the effort.

Longer story:

Left earlier than most boats hoping to get in the zone early and meter around in the dark to find the fish.  CHECK!  Capt. Jeff was on the fish at 4am metering schools deeper that wouldn't respond to anything. 

Chef Mikey severed up some breakfast, French toast with fresh berry compote.

During the morning we hit multiple paddies holding small yellowtails but the paddies were loaded with bait too.  The yellows we found didn't even want to play today.  Did this routine of stopping on marks for several hours for no love.  We were a little south of the fleet most of this time.

Time for lunch, homemade tri-tip beef sandwiches on texas toast.

More of the same for the afternoon until Capt. Jeff decided to venture off hours away from the rest of the fleet to try to find a new area of fish that don't have lockjaw!  It was around 6:30pm that Jeff had a huge school of 30-50# tuna light up the side scan sonar....he spun on them and had the man manning the bait tank start bailing baits.  These fish responded immediately and started blowing up on the chum on the surface all around the boat.  All 28 anglers had baits in the water almost immediately while the fish were still responding to the chum.  For sure this was going to be the bottom of the 9th inning school that was gonna make it all worth the wait!!!  Nope...bluefin being bluefin, not a single biter all the while boiling around the boat and swimming right under us.

There were a few more sonar schools found before and after sunset.  Fished into dark with anglers dropping the glow flat falls to no avail.  Gave it all we had and went into extra innings trying to make it happen.  In Capt. Jeff's words, "All show and no go" on the bluefin this day.

At some point dinner and dessert was served: Coconut chicken curry and pani- popo with vanilla ice cream.  Oh and one of the snacks throughout the day was alfredo chicken stuffed bread.  Our anglers ate well...

Several more open party trips are on the schedule now including a bunch of great sponsored events.  See the schedule and book online here: https://tomahawk.fishingreservations.net/sales/

The "ALL NEW" Tomahawk is ready to take you fishing! For more information please visit our WEBSITE or give us a call at (619) 909-6079. You can also click here to BOOK ONLINE.

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Captain Eric Sauerwein
Fisherman's Landing
San Diego, CA

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