Tuesday Morning Report

Tuesday Morning Report

by Big Hungry
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The New Lo-An returned from their 2 day trip with LIMITS (96) of Bluefin Tuna up to 200# for their 24 anglers! 

The Game Changer has three spots available on their 2.5-Day Open Party 6-Pack trip departing Tuesday, May 28th. Price is $2500 and includes meals, snacks, and Mexican fishing permits. They will be fishing offshore for Bluefin Tuna and Yellowtail.  This trip WILL RUN with 5 reservations! Book Here!

                                                                                        2024 Overnight to 3 day trip schedule:
                El Capitan - Overnight to 2.5 day trips (BOOK HERE)                            New Lo-An - Overnight to 3 day trips (BOOK HERE)

                Oceanside 95 - Overnight to 1.5 day trips (BOOK HERE)                       Success Ultra limited load 2 & 3 day trips (BOOK HERE)                    

                T-Bird - Overnight to 1.5 day trips (BOOK HERE)                                   Primetime Ultra limited load 2 day trips (BOOK HERE)
                Game Changer - 2.5 day trips (BOOK HERE)                                         Long Range Fleet - 1.5 day trips and longer (BOOK HERE)                               

                                                       These trips will be fishing offshore for Bluefin Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Yellowtail and Dorado

Local ½ day & Full day schedule:

The Mission Belle is online for full day trips to the Coronado Islands. These trips will be targeting Yellowtail, Bonito, bass and Rockfish. Trip price is $250 and includes a Mexican fishing permit, FMM & bio bracelet. A VALID PASSPORT OR PASSPORT CARD IS REQUIRED FOR ALL PASSENGERS GOING ON THESE TRIPS.  (BOOK HERE)
The Daily Double is running ½ day trips from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM every day. On Friday and Saturday's, they also have an afternoon trip departing at 3:00 PM. These trips will be targeting Sand Bass, Calico Bass, Sculpin, Whitefish, Sheephead and Rockfish. (BOOK HERE)

Fish processing:
If you’re planning a trip with us this season and would like to have one of the fish processors fillet and package your catch, we highly recommend making a reservation prior to departing on your trip. Click one of the following links to book your reservation.
Fisherman’s Processing: (Book here)
Five Star Fish Processing: (Book here)
Sportmen’s Seafood: (Book here)

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