Monday Reports

Monday Reports

by Seaforth Staff
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Monday Returning Trips

  • The Polaris Supreme returned from their Three Day Trip with 59 bluefin tuna and 101 yellowtail. The bluefin were in the 50 to 150 pound range.

Sunday Reports


  • The San Diego called it a day on their Full Day Offshore trip with 14 Bluefin, 28 Yellowfin, 47 Dorado and 2 Yellowtail for their 34 anglers. We are still recommending a 25# and a 40# outfit if you are headed out on the Full Day here soon. It would also be wise to have some circle hooks on hand for the Yellowfin and Bluefin that are out there now as well.
  • The Sea Watch also had a great day Offshore for their Full Day trip ending with 5 Bluefin, 18 Yellowfin, 32 Dorado and 41 Yellowtail for their group of 26. The Sea Watch has a few open trips available through the middle of this week for those looking to get their share of this outstanding variety of fish!
  • The Aztec wrapped up their 2 Day charter with 240(limits) Yellowtail and 96(limits) Dorado for their 24 anglers.
  • The Polaris Supreme called in from their 3 Day trip this morning with 41 Bluefin weighing between 50 to 150 pounds. The Polaris Supreme will be back in tomorrow morning with their final count.


  • The New Seaforth ran into some adverse conditions in our inshore waters last week but since things have taken a turn for the better and they are back on the Calico Bass. They wrapped up the Twilight last night with 36 legal Bass and 100 released and this morning's AM ended with 39 Calico Bass and 100 released.

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Seaforth Landing Reports
for Sunday, August 14th, 2022
Sunday Reports
Phenomenal Offshore Variety

Saturday Updates The Apollo ended their Overnight trip with 1 Bluefin, 42 Dorado and 66 Yellowtail for their 21 anglers. The Pacifica wrapped up their Overnight trip with 8 Dorado and 75 Yellowtail for their group of 15 anglers. Fish Processing If you are headed out on a trip in the next couple weeks we would like everyone to know that our local fish processors are highly impacted as of late. We are aware that some processors are currently not taking any more...... Read More