Monday Reports

Monday Reports

by Seaforth Staff
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Monday Updates

  • Update 1:00 PM: The Tribute just reported in from their 1.5 Day trip with 110 Yellowtail weighing between 10-30 pounds. They still have plenty of time to fish so be on the lookout for their final count.

  • The Pacifica reported in from their One Day trip with limits of Yellowtail, 7 Dorado and 4 Yellowfin tuna.

  • The Polaris Supreme has limits of Bluefin Tuna for day 2 of their 7 Day trip.

Returning Trips

  • The Apollo returned from their 1.5 Day trip with 9 Bluefin Tuna, 4 Yellowfin Tuna, 60 Yellowtail and 8 Dorado.

  • The Aztec returned from their Three Day trip with 311 Yellowtail and 37 Dorado.

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Saturday Updates The Tribute called in from their 2 Day Trip with 69 Yellowtail up to 33lbs and 2 Dorado. The Pacifica reported in from their 1.5 Day Trip with limits of Yellowtail and 3 Dorado on the boat! The Yellowtail are in the 15 to 25 pound range. The San Diego finished up their Full Day Private Charter to the Coronado Islands with 73 Yellowtail, 14 Barracuda and 22 Calico Bass for their 15 anglers! ...... Read More