Recent Reports

Recent Reports

by Big Hungry
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The Daily Double PM trip returned with 11 Sand Bass, 14 Calico Bass and 18 Rockfish for their last afternoon trip. 

The New Lo-An returned from their last 1.5 Day trip with 12 Bluefin Tuna & 4 Bonito for 24 passengers 


Departing on Sunday

The Mission Belle has a few spots open on a charter this Sunday. If interested please contact Richard Kim at (213) 595-5900

The Point Loma has room for their full day offshore trip. Departure time is 6:00 am. NO PASSPORT need for this trip.

The Pacific Islander has room for a 2.5 day trip. Meals and permits are included in ticket price.


 The Oceanside 95 has some Mid-Week Special 1.5 day trips coming up. Departure date are Sunday 6/26 & Tuesday 6/28. Ticket price is $375 and includes your fishing permit for Mexico. Click here to book (BOOK NOW)

The Mission Belle has room for their upcoming Offshore Full Day trips. Ticket price is $240 & includes your fishing permit for Mexico. NO passport required for this trip. Click here to book (BOOK NOW)  

The Daily Double is now on their summer schedule. Departure times are 8:30 AM and 3:00 PM. Bass fishing has been very good lately, so make your reservation now. Click here to book (BOOK NOW)

The 2022 schedules for the  El CapitanNew Lo-AnOceanside 95Pacific Islander & T-Bird are now available online. Reservations can be made by calling our office at (619) 223-1627 or online through the following links:
El Capitan (Schedule)    New Lo-An (Schedule)    Oceanside 95 (Schedule)    Pacific Islander (Schedule)    T-Bird (Schedule)

Sportfishing parking information: (Parking info)

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The T-Bird came back from their Overnight charter trip with 4 Yellowtail, 1 Yellowfin  Tuna and 11 Bonito.  The Daily Double AM trip returned with 2 Sand Bass, 1 Calico Bass, 21 Rockfish and 2 Sculpin for their  afternoon trip.  The Mission Belle came back from their Full Day trip with 22 Bonito.    Departing on Sunday The Mission Belle has a few spots open on a charter this Sunday. If interested please contact Richard Kim at (213) 595-5900.    The Pacific Islander has room for a WILL RUN 2.5 day trip...... Read More

The Daily Double called in with 14 Calico Bass (70 released) and 8 Rock fish for their PM 1/2 day trip.  The Mission Belle called in with 7 Bluefin Tuna (30-50 lbs) and 1 Bonito for their Full Day Offshore trip.  The Vagabond returned this morning from a 1.5 day trip 31 Bluefin Tuna between 30 and 50lbs for 22 passengers Upcoming trips: DEPARTING TONIGHT: The T-Bird has two spots open for this year’s Western Outdoor News San Diego Offshore Jackpot. All participants receive a Frogg Toggs Drawstring Backpack, a spool of...... Read More