The Getting is Good

The Getting is Good

by Seaforth Staff
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Offshore Report

  • Bluefin being Bluefin it seems they are now out of their daze and willing to bite once again. We've had more reports from trips offshore today that show good signs of what is to come for our upcoming departures.

  • The San Diego called in from the end of their Full Day trip with 26 Bluefin weighing between 20-40 pounds and 6 Yellowtail for their 33 anglers. Captain Ryan reported that a 30-40# flyline rig was most effective for today's fish and they are still seeing some larger model fish, so don't leave that heavy gear behind just yet. The San Diego still has spots available for tomorrow's Full Day trip so grab a spot while the getting is good.

  • The Pacifica reported in from their 1.5 Day trip early this morning with limits of Bluefin! Their fish were also in that 20-40 pound range and they will be spending the rest of their day today searching for Yellowtail. The Pacifica has a handful of spots for their Overnight trip departing tomorrow night!

  • The El Gato Dos had a stellar Full Day today as well returning to the dock at 2:30 with limits of Bluefin for their 4 anglers. Dates are beginning to book up for July and August. If you're looking to try out that 6-pack fishing experience give us a call!

Inshore Report

  • The New Seforth had another knockout day today with 187 Calico Bass, 1 Barricuda and 3 rockfish for this afternoon's PM trip and they did score a nice White Seabass this morning on the AM as well. Trips are beginning to fill up throughout the week so grab a spot and get in on the action before its too late!

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