Quality Is Still There

Quality Is Still There

by Seaforth Staff
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Returning Trips

  • The Pacifica returned this morning from their Izorline sponsored 2.5 Day trip with 1 Yellowtail and 73 Bluefin weighing up to 185 pounds for their 28 anglers! Captain Andrew reported that the sinker rig was most effective during the day and the jigs were the better option at night. The Pacifica's next available trip will be a 1.5 Day departing Tuesday, June 21st.

  • The Polaris Supreme also got back this morning from a 2 Day trip with 61 Bluefin for their 23 anglers. They are back out on a 1.5 Day this afternoon so be on the lookout tomorrow for an update.

  • The Voyager got back from their 2 Day trip with 18 Bluefin for their 12 anglers. The Voyager has one more available open party trip this month departing on June 27th. There is only one spot remaining so don't miss your chance to grab that spot!

Inshore Report

  • The New Seaforth has been on top of the Calico Bass fishing lately. Last night's Twilight charter for the Wounded Warriors caught 117 legal Calico Bass, 23 rockfish and 1 White Seabass for 49 anglers! The AM Half Day this morning ended with 77 Calico Bass and over 100 released and the PM Half Day wrapped up with 179 Calico Bass with over 100 released for 49 anglers. Take a break from pulling on those big Bluefin and come down and get in on this outstanding Calico Bass action!

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Returning Trips The Pacifica returned from a 2.5 Day this morning with 73 Bluefin and 1 Yellowtail. It was a nice mixed grade of fish with Tuna up to 180lbs. They have an Overnight departing this evening with a handful of spots still available. The Polaris Supreme returned from a 2 Day this morning with 61 Bluefin. The Voyager also returned from a 2 Day this morning with 18 Bluefin. The Aztec wrapped up their 1.5 Day with 21 Bluefin Tuna for their...... Read More

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