Sunday Morning Report

Sunday Morning Report

by Big Hungry
(619) 223-1627

Daily Double • 1/2 Day AM • 16 • 67 Rockfish, 16 Whitefish, 11 Bonito, 2 Sculpin, 1 Sheephead 

El Capitan • 1.5 Day • 18 • 90 Yellowtail, 10 Skipjack Tuna, 6 Bluefin Tuna 

T-Bird • 1.5 Day • 10 • 50 Yellowtail, 19 Skipjack Tuna 

The El CapitanPacific Islander and T-Bird all have 1.5 day trips coming up with space available. Check out their schedules below:

T-Bird Trip Schedule 

El Capitan Trip Schedule 

New Lo-An Trip Schedule 

Pacific Islander Trip Schedule 

Local Trips: 

The ½ day boat Daily Double departs at 8:30 am every day. Trips are limited to 29 passengers. California fishing license and rod rentals are extra and available in our tackle shop. The Daily Double also has two ½ day trips a day on Friday's & Saturday's during Sept & Oct. Departure time is 3:00 pm  Daily Double 1/2 Day Schedule 

The Mission Belle is currently fishing offshore for tuna, Yellowtail and Dorado. The ticket price is $225 and includes your fishing permit for Mexico. The departure time is 6:00 am. This trip DOES NOT need a passport.  Mission Belle Full Day Schedule


                                                                              Save California Sportfishing 

Proposed Engine Emission Regulations Threaten to Remove Sportfishing and Whale Watching Boats from Service 

Find out why over 10,000 anglers have joined the 'Save Fishing' petition. The Newsom Administration has proposed engine regulations that will put many California sportfishing and whale watching boat owners out of business. 

You can help by signing a petition that asks Governor Newsom to save boats that are essential to providing California anglers and tourists access to the sea. The regulations could start as early as January 2023, unless you help these boat owners. Join a petition at


                                                IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING DOCKSIDE FISH PROCESSING. 

We strongly recommend anyone that has a trip booked, to call or go online and set up your fish processing reservation as soon as possible. Please don't wait until you get on your trip or set it up after you get back as you'll run the risk of being turned away. 

Five Star Fish Processing  (619) 299-9996    Website link 

Fisherman's Processing  (619) 255-3128   Website link  

Sportsman's Seafood (619) 224-3551    Website link

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