by Fishermans Landing Staff
(619) 221-8500

With the excellent fishing by all boats in the fleet, all three of the fish processing companies are at or near capacity.
We strongly recommend anyone that has a trip booked, to call or go on-line and set up your fish processing reservation as soon as possible. Please don't wait until you get on your trip or set it up after you get back as you'll run the risk of being turned away.

Five Star Fish Processing - 619-299-9996

Fisherman's Processing - 619-255-3128

Sportsman's Seafood (Mario's) - 619-224-3551

The Cobalt called in with Limits of Bluefin (6) for thier Fullday trip with 3 anglers.

The Pegasus called in with Limits of Bluefin Tuna (20) 30 to 70 pounds for their 1st day of a 2 day trip with 10 anglers.

The Liberty caught 10 Bluefin Tuna, and 2 Yellowfin Tuna for 39 anglers on their full day offshore trip. 

The Mustang caught 3 Yellowfin Tuna and 5 Skipjack Tuna for 29 anglers on their overnight trip. 

The Dolphin caught 85 Rockfish and 42 Vermillion Rockfish for 23 anglers on their 3/4 day trip. 

The Fortune checked in with 33 bluefin tuna (20-75 lbs.) and 2 yellowtail for day 1 of their 2 day private charter!

The Pacific Dawn called in with 25 bluefin tuna and 4 yellowtail for 17 anglers on their 2 day trip.

The Condor returned this morning with 25 Bluefin Tuna for their 1.5 day charter. 

The Outrider returned this morning with 17 Bluefin Tuna for 10 anglers on a 1.5 day trip. 

The Pacific Queen returned this morning with LIMITS (88) of Bluefin Tuna (5 over 100 lbs. and 4 over 200 lbs.) , 1 Yellowfin Tuna, and 1 Yellowtail for 22 anglers on a 2.5 day charter. 

Fishermans Landing in San Diego, CA is home to the finest sportfishing fleet in the World. For more information or to make a reservation please call (619) 221-8500 or BOOK ONLINE.

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