We're Working for YOUR Weekend!

We're Working for YOUR Weekend!

by H&M Landing
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Sea Adventure 80 is on the water and called in to report a mix of Bluefin, Yellowfin, good weather, and good times. They will return from this trip on July 10th.

morning returns:

Poseidon is back from a 1.75 Day trip with 28 Bluefin, and 1 Yellowfin

Legend returned from a 1.75 day trip with 61 Bluefin Tuna, 5 Yellowfin Tuna, and 1 Yellowtail!

Constitution is back after 1.5 Days with 12 Bluefin Tuna and 10 Yellowfin Tuna

Top Gun 80 returned from a 2.5 Day trip with 70 Bluefin Tuna

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