Monday Morning Update

Monday Morning Update

by Big Hungry
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The Vagabond returned from their 2.5 day trip with 40+ Bluefin (4 over 200 lbs, 4 170-195 lbs) for 23 anglers.

Trips with space available:

 The Mission Belle has a some openings for tomorrow’s Full day trip. They’ll be fishing for Yellowtail, Bluefin Tuna and Bonito. Ticket price is $225.00 and includes your fishing permit for Mexico. Limited to 26 passengers. This trip is a DEFINITE GO!!

 Upcoming Overnight & 1½ day trips:

El Capitan Schedule
New Lo-An Schedule
T-Bird Schedule
Pacific Islander Schedule
Vagabond Schedule

Local Trips:

The Daily Double is now on two ½ day trips a day. The AM trip departs at 8:30 am, with the PM trip departing at 3:00 pm. Trips are limited to 29 passengers. California fishing licenses and rod rentals are available in our tackle shop.
The Mission Belle is currently fishing offshore for Bluefin and Yellowtail. The ticket price is $225.00 and includes your fishing permit for Mexico. The departure time is 6:00 am. NO passport required.

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