Yellowtail and Bluefin!

Yellowtail and Bluefin!

by H&M Landing
(619) 222-1144

Morning Returns:

The Ocean Odyssey returned from a 1.5 day trip with 121 Yellowtail

The Excalibur returned from a 1.5 day trip with 104 Yellowtail

The Legend returned from a 1.5 day trip with 86 Yellowtail

The Old Glory returned from a 1.5 day trip with 46 Yellowtail and 2 Bluefin Tuna

The Old Glory departs again TONIGHT and they are GOING FOR SURE! There's still plenty of room so book now!

The 2 Bluefin caught weighed in at over 100 lbs each, so prep HEAVY gear!

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