Dixon Lake Fishing Report

Dixon Lake Fishing Report

by Dixon Lake Staff
(760) 839-4680

Last Plant: 3000 lbs. of Rainbow Trout: January 6th

Next Plant: 3000 lbs. of Rainbow Trout: January 20th

Water temperature: At surface: 54.86°F, 10.10 D.O. @ 15' 55°F, 9.91 D.O.

Water level: High level, private water craft/fish finders are currently banned.

Water Clarity: Very high (35ft)

***Notice*** On November 18, 2020 Escondido’s City Council voted to update the Lakes & Open Space Division’s rental and user fees. New fees went into effect on December 1, 2020. New fees can be viewed HERE.

Fishing permits, boat rentals, bait, and tackle are all sold at the Concessions Stand right next to the Ranger Station in the Lakeshore Area. Anglers "Must!" purchase a fishing permit before casting out to catch the big one. If you desire to fish with a second pole, make sure to pick up a second rod permit for an additional $3. We do not require a CA state fishing license; however, Rangers do strictly enforce the required fishing permits and fresh water regulations.

Trout: The lake was stocked with 3000 lbs of trout on January 6th. Mini Jigs and power bait continue to be the ideal choice of bait. The trout have primarily preferred chartreuse and rainbow colors when using powerbait. The trout will remain near the buoy line and whisker bay area for the first several days after a fresh plant. After the trout have had time to disperse throughout the lake, trout cove will be a promising location for catching trout. In the early morning hours, you are likely to find trout in the shallow waters of the south shoreline and Boat Dock Cove. Mini Jigs, mouse tails and power bait have been the most successful choice of bait for anglers since opening day. A two-pound test set up with a 12” to 18” leader is recommended. The Trout catching limit is 5! "No Catch & Release of Trout." Please make sure you are familiar with the current freshwater fishing regulations prior to fishing here at Dixon Lake as we do strictly enforce these regulations.

Bass: At this time the Bass are active in search of food and are biting on drop shot and smaller swim baits. With the trout stock here it is a good time to practice different fishing techniques. Drop shot rigs set up with either Roboworms or Senkos are still proving to be a good method. The bass will be more active in shallow waters as we continue to see cooler weather. The aquatic weeds are still present and will slowly disperse as the water temperature continues to drop. Largemouth bass can typically be found in shallow water and are likely to be found swimming under something that provides shade such as vegetation or a pier. In water bodies that contain aquatic vegetation, you may find it advantageous to use slightly heavier line. Boat dock cove is still a promising location for bass. Just a reminder, bass must be at least 12 inches to keep with a limit of 2 at this time.

Catfish: The Catfish bite has picked back up due to the recent trout stocks. Although we have concluded stocking catfish for the year, catfish are present year round in Dixon Lake. The catfish are very active in the early morning as well as the afternoon hours before closing. Piers 3 and 4 have been producing good results. Night crawlers soaked with garlic oil have been the preferred bait of catfish recently. Considering that catfish are primarily bottom feeders, setting up your rig with a weight that allows your bait to sink near the bottom will generally render good results. Catfish prefer bait with the strongest scent. Cut up mackerel, chicken liver and shrimp are typically the preferred bait of cat fisherman. Catfish have a limit of 5 at this time.

Bluegill: The bluegill bite is fairly slow during this time of year. Meal worms and red worms are still the best choice of bait for the time being. Using cut up night crawlers for bait is also a good method. The bite will gradually slow down as the aquatic vegetation in the water dies down. The piers and shorelines are still promising locations for catching bluegill. Bluegill are limited to 25 of any size at this time.

There is a ban on private water craft and equipment at this time. Restricted equipment includes: private boats, canoes, kayaks, float tubes, trolling motors, fish finders, anchors, and any other equipment that contacts the water.

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