Good Times!

Good Times!

by H&M Landing
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On The Water:

The Old Glory called in from their overnight trip with 150 Yellowtail (limits!) and they’re now on the hunt for Tuna!

The Old Glory’s next overnight trip departs Thursday night!  BOOK HERE

The Malihini is running the 1/2 day trips,  they had a great morning trip today, she caught 60 Red Rockfish, 18 Sand Bass and 78 Rockfish!!  The Malihini will start extended 1/2 day trips this Tuesday departing at 7 AM returning at 4 PM!  They will be fishing in the local areas around Point Loma!  Weekends will still have 2 departures at 6:30 AM and 1:00 PM!  BOOK HERE

Whale Watching has begun our 3 Hour trips depart on Friday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s at 10 AM!  BOOK HERE

 $100 H&M Landing ‘gift card’ for $80!   Buy Today! 

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