Friday Updates

Friday Updates

by Seaforth Staff
(619) 224-3383


2:45pm - The Sea Watch finished their full day trip with 70 Yellowfin Tuna, 40 Skipjack and 5 Dorado for their 24 anglers!

2:30pm - The Pride finished their overnight trip with 40 Yellowfin and 40 Yellowtail for their 8 anglers!

11:50am - The Tribute is up to 32 bluefin and 35 yellowtail.

The Tribute called in with an early report from their 1.5 Day trip. They have have 15 bluefin and 13 yellowtail on the boat for their 30 anglers, with fish up to 25 pounds. There is nice weather, and flylined bait on 25 pound is the hot ticket so far.

The Pacifica returned this morning from their 1.5 Day trip. Their 29 anglers caught 51 bluefin and 29 yellowtail, including bluefin weighing in at 207, 217 and 301 pounds!

We also had the Endeavor return from a 2.5 day trip, with 76 bluefin and 56 yellowtail for their 19 anglers. They had 12 fish from 120-260 pounds.

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