Manic Monday

Manic Monday

by H&M Landing
(619) 222-1144

It's Manic Monday the fish are biting!

The Producer has 35 Yellowtail (20-40 pounds)

The Old Glory has 25+ Yellowtail all over 30 pounds also reporting great weather!

The Old Glory and Producer both have room on tonight's overnight trips!  Book Now

The Ranger 85 is also into the fish today so far they have 24 Yellowfin and 24 Dorado!

The Grande has 60+ Yellowtail on their first day back to the islands with beautiful weather!

The Legend has 12 Yellowtail and limits of Dorado!

The Poseidon has limits of Dorado and 50 Yellowtail for their 1st of 2 days!

The Mustang has limits of Dorado and 12 Yellowtail for their 1st day of their 2 day trip!  The Mustang has a 1.75 day trip departing on Wednesday!  Book Here 

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