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The Searcher called in with LIMITS of Yellowtail (140), 33 Yellowfin Tuna and 18 Bluefin Tuna for their 3-day trip.

The Tomahawk called in with 54 Yellowtail and 11 Bluefin Tuna for their 1.5-day trip  with 22 anglers.

The Outride called in with 32 Bluefin Tuna, 9 Yellowtail, and 1 Yellowfin Tuna for their 2.5 day trip with 11 anglers.

Shogun called in with 83 Yellowfin Tuna, 74 Yellowtail up to 25 pounds, and 5 Bluefin Tuna for thier 1st day of a 3 day trip.

The Tomahawk called in with 54 Yellowtail and 11 Bluefin between 30 to 35 lbs so far. 

The Dolphin AM trip caught 183 Rockfish and 1 Lingcod for 34 anglers.

The Dolphin PM trip caught 180 Rockfish, 6 Calico Bass (120 RELEASED) for 36 anglers. 

The Liberty called in with 9 Yellowtail, 4 Sheephead, 60 Calico Bass, 117 Rockfish, 4 Bonito, and 1 Macko on their full day trip for 33 anglers. 

The Searcher called in with limits of Yellowtail for 14 anglers on day 2 of a 3-day trip. 

The Outrider called in from the second day of their 2 day trip with 10 Bluefin up to 40lbs so far.

The Tomahawk call in the morning with 40 Yellowtail (12-25lbs.) on the boat to start their 1.5-day trip.

The Polaris Supreme returned this AM with 4 Yellowfin Tuna and 5 Bluefin Tuna, and 30 Yellowtail on their 2 day trip for 24 Anglers.

The Pacific Queen returned this AM with 44 Bluefin Tuna and 41 Yellowtail, and 1 yellowfin for 32 anglers for the beginning of their 1.5 Day trip. 

The Condor returned this AM with 125 Yellowtail up to 28 lbs and 1 Bluefin Tuna for  28 anglers on their 1.5-day trip. 

The Pegasus returned this AM with LIMITS of Yellowtail (12 to 25 lbs.) 6 Bluefin and 45 Yellowfin Tuna on a 1.5-day trip. 

  • Boats are recommending 25-pound outfits for the Yellowfin and Yellowtail. 40 to 60-pound outfits for mid-size Bluefin Tuna. 80 to 100-pound outfits for the bigger size Bluefin.
  • Hook size, they are recommending number 1 to 2/0 size circle hooks.  They are catching the Bluefin on fly-line rigs, sinkers-rigs, and flat fall jigs.

As of right now, all passengers must bring a face mask on all trips. Passengers on Overnight trips and longer need to bring their own pillow and blankets. The crews will be cleaning and sanitizing all common areas frequently.

Fishermans Landing in San Diego, CA is home to the finest sportfishing fleet in the World. For more information or to make a reservation please call (619) 221-8500 or BOOK ONLINE.

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