a Full Line Up

a Full Line Up

by H&M Landing
(619) 222-1144

Poseidon is back at the dock with 20 Yellowtail and 16 Yellowfin Tuna.

Their next available trip is a 1.75 Day departing Tuesday, June 30 at 11 AM.

H&M has a full line up on the calendar- Check These Out for Saturday:

Relentless:  Full Day: Coronado Islands (passport required): 5:30 AM:   Book Now

Excalibur:  Full Day: Coronado Islands (passport required): 5:30 AM:   Book Now

Legend:   Overnight Freelance:   9 PM:  $270:  Book Now.

Producer:  Overnight Freelance:   9 PM:  $270:  Book Now.

For More -See the Complete Calendar He

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