Saturday Bluefin!

Saturday Bluefin!

by Seaforth Staff
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4:00pm - The Pacifica is now up to 17 Bluefin for their 1.5 day trip!

2:00pm - The San Diego called in with 4 Bluefin (3 over 100lbs) and 15 yellowtail so far for their full day trip. Captain Matt is recommending 40# line for fly-lining a bait and a 50# or 60# setup for a sinker rig.

Captain Greg of the Aztec just called in with 12 Bluefin on the boat and another 5 hanging! The majority of the fish are in the 50-80 pound range with a handful up to 125!

The Tribute just called in as well with 9 Bluefin up to 120 pounds! They have a few more hanging so stay tuned for more updates.

The Pacifica called in this morning with 6 Bluefin on the boat, including one at 110 pounds and one at 130 pounds.

The Pacific Voyager reported in Friday evening with 70 Yellowtail and very good Calico bass fishing for his 14 anglers. They are on the 1st day of a two day charter fishing the Coronado Islands.

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