Dixon Lake Fishing Report

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Dixon Lake Staff

Dixon Lake Fishing Report

by Dixon Lake Staff
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Catfish: Our latest catfish stock was on July 19th. Fishing hours have been extended to 11:45 p.m. every Thursday and Friday night through the end of August. Fisherman have had no trouble catching their limits in the last several weeks. The productive areas have been the South Shoreline and the Buoy line in the early morning as well as the late afternoon hours before closing. Catfish typically prefer bait with the strongest scent. Cut up mackerel and shrimp have been the preferred bait of cat fisherman this summer. Catfish have a limit of 5 at this time.

Bass: Largemouth bass tend to stay in deeper water on hot summer days. The bass will progress into shallow water in the late evening to early morning. You will likely see bass swimming under something that provides shade such as a dock or vegetation. A drop shot rig has proven to be a successful setup for fisherman seeking bass from the shoreline. Jerk baits and swim baits have been producing good results for fisherman using our boats. When fishing in the early morning hours, top water lures tend to be a good choice if you are fishing near the reeds or in an area with lots of aquatic vegetation. There have been reports of several double digit fish being caught near Boat Dock Cove. Just a reminder, bass must be at least 12 inches to keep with a limit of 2 at this time.

Trout: The few remaining trout are going to spend the majority of their time in deeper water throughout the summer. If you are fishing in the early morning hours, you may be able to catch trout in the shallow waters of Trout Cove and Boat Dock Cove. Anglers seeking trout have been having the most luck fishing near the buoy line from a boat. Night crawlers have proven to be the bait of choice in the afternoon hours. A two-pound test set up with a 12” to 18” leader is recommended. Mini jigs and Power Worms are being used for the aggressive morning bite. We do suggest to start your shoreline fishing early as access to deeper water from the shoreline is limited. The Trout catching limit is 5! "No Catch & Release of Trout."

Bluegill: Mealworms and cut up night crawlers have been successful choices of bait for catching bluegill. The piers prove to be promising locations for bluegill in the late afternoon hours as the vegetation in the water develops. Bluegill are limited to 25 of any size at this time.

There is a ban on private water craft and equipment at this time. Restricted equipment includes: private boats, canoes, kayaks, float tubes, trolling motors, fish finders, anchors, and any other equipment that contacts the water.

Notable recent catches:

Trout: Tony Smock 7.13 lb, Nick Isabell 6.5 lb (April)

Bass: Tracy Hartman 11.8 lb (April)

Catfish: Jason Pizzarusso 29.2 lb (January), Rufino Antonio 12 lb (June 9th)

Crappie: Dorothy Le 1.1 lb (June 28th )

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