Offshore Bluefin

Offshore Bluefin

by Seaforth Staff
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Update 1:00pm

The Aztec just reported in with 25 bluefin in the 70-130# range!

The Tribute is up to 15 bluefin on the boat from 45-130 pounds!

The Pride has 75 yellowtail, 4 bluefin and 1 yellowfin with great weather for the first day of their 2 day trip.

Earlier Reports
We have a couple reports from boats fishing offshore this morning:
  • The Tribute has three bluefin on the boat, in the 60-85 pound range. They have had very good shots at the fish, make sure you are geared up properly!
  • The Pacifica has seven bluefin on the boat, as well as one yellowfin. One of the bluefin is around 170 pounds! Again, make sure you are geared up correctly. Captain Andrew is recommending 40# flouro leader, with a size 1 or 1/0 hook.

The Pacifica and Tribute are both heading back out Sunday night and have room. Make your reservations now to get in on this good bluefin fishing. If your boss gives you trouble, take them too!

Twilight Fishing
The New Seaforth had a solid twilight trip last night. They came home with 20 rockfish 13 calico bass (as well as 35 released), 2 sheephead, 2 reds and 1 whitefish. We are running twilight trips Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

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