You Can't Catch Em At Home

You Can't Catch Em At Home

by H&M Landing
(619) 222-1144

Yellowtail, Yellowfin, Bluefin and Beautiful Weather- oh yeah- You Gotta Go!

Your Available Weekend Departures:


Top Gun 80:   2.5 Day:   8 PM:   $775:   Book Now

Legend:   1.5 Day:   8 PM:   $350:   Book Now


Mustang:   Overnight:  9 PM:   $220:   Book Now

Relentless:   1.5 Day:   9 PM:   $375:   Book Now


Excalibur:   1.5 Day:   8 PM:   $350:   Book Now

Old Glory:   Overnight:   7 PM:   $220:   Book Now

H&M is the West Coast’s most established sportfishing landing providing Offshore adventures since 1935. Call (619) 222-1144 or reserve online at

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