Sunday Update

Sunday Update

by Seaforth Staff
(619) 224-3383

The Tribute returned this morning with 11 Bluefin Tuna. They have a 1.5 day departing this evening at 7:00pm. This trip is a definite run!

The Outer Limits returned this morning with 10 Bluefin Tuna and 5 Yellowtail.

The San Diego wrapped up their full day trip Saturday May 11th with 1 Bluefin Tuna weighing 140 pounds! It was not for lack of effort, as there was plenty of opportunity. These trips are favoring the quality over the quantity, so please be sure to come prepared with the proper gear.

The 250g Flatfalls have been the most effective, but that can change quickly. Captain Ryan advises being prepared for multiple fishing styles as these fish have been very unpredictable. He is suggesting a 25# outfit for fishing the kelps, a 40# outfit for flylining, and a 50-60# rig for fishing either the Flatfalls or sinker rig. For those of you that do not have two speed reels, Seaforth offers a full lineup of rental gear including Shimano Talicas, Penn Fathoms and Shimano TLDs. All of our reels have spectra backing and are paired with custom wrapped rods!

The SAN DIEGO will be running offshore full day trips at least through Sunday may 19th. No passport required.

The New Seaforth's afternoon 1/2 day trip yesterday landed 4 Yellowtail up to 25 pounds! The Yellows were biting surface jigs, yo-yo'd jigs, fly-lined sardines and dropper looped sardines. Departures are at 6:00am and 12:30pm.

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