Dixon Lake Fishing Report

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Dixon Lake Fishing Report

by Dixon Lake Staff
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Last Plant: 4,500 lbs. of Rainbow Trout Wednesday April 24th Next Plant: Catfish (July TBD)

Water temperature: At surface 68.5°F, 7.15 D.O. @ 10' 67.4°F, 7.26 D.O.

Water level: High level, private water craft/fish finders are currently banned.

Water Clarity: High (30ft)

Trout: April 24th was the last stock date for trout of the season. Although we are getting closer to the end of trout season, the trout will still be biting through the end of spring. The trout will move into deeper waters on these warm, sunny days. In the early morning hours, you can round up a few trout in the shallow waters of Trout Cove and Boat Dock Cove. Although, it is the Buoy Line that you want to put your fishing emphasis on. Now that the water clarity is substantially higher, the success of using jigs along the shoreline has decreased. A two-pound test set up with a 12 to 18inch leader is recommended. Mini Jigs and Power Worms are being used for the aggressive morning bite, while garlic scented Power bait (rainbow and neon yellow colors have been working best) as well as Night Crawlers are the go-to bait when it slows down. If you are using our rental boats for your fishing, make sure to check out the Buoy Line if you find that the other areas are not producing well. We do suggest to start your shoreline fishing early as access to deeper water from the shoreline is limited. While fishing from the shoreline, it is recommended to go with the set up mentioned above. The Trout catching limit is 5! "No Catch & Release of Trout."

Bass: We are now in the final spawning phase of this bass season. Now that we are seeing warmer temperatures and clear skies, the bass have been spawning closer to the shoreline. We are approaching the time of year where you will find more success using swimbaits and other “action” style baits. The fish tend to become more aggressive while defending their bass fry and will bite at almost anything moving. There have been reports of several 10+ lb fish being caught in various areas across the lake. Just a reminder, bass must be at least 12 inches to keep with a limit of 2 at this time.

Catfish: The catfish bite has been slow, but as water temperatures rise it will strengthen. The productive areas have been Jack Creek Cove and the Buoy Line in the early morning and late afternoon before closing. Catfish have a limit of 5 at this time.

Bluegill: The bite has slowed down as they push into deeper waters. Mealworms and cut up night crawlers have been good choices for catching bluegill in the past few weeks. The majority of them are being caught in the early morning and afternoon hours. The Buoy Line is a promising location for bluegill as of right now. Bluegill are limited to 25 of any size at this time.

There is a ban on private water craft and equipment at this time. Restricted equipment includes: private boats, canoes, kayaks, float tubes, trolling motors, fish finders, anchors, and any other equipment that contacts the water.

Notable Catches for April:
Trout: Tony Smock 7.13lb, Nick Isabell 6.5lb

Bass: Tracy Hartman 11.8lb

Catfish: Jason Pizzarusso 29.2lb (January)

Crappie: Martin Poe 2lb (February)

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