Catfish Easier to Catch in Muddy Water

Catfish Easier to Catch in Muddy Water

by Wohlford Lake Staff
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The lake is still stained from all the run off. Two plants have taken place with the lake muddied. When the water clears, probably this coming week sometime, the bite should take off and make up for lost time.

Catfish are easier to catch in the muddy water than trout, being less dependent on sight. They are often active on the east end where the runoff continues to flow in. Lake Wohlford cats prefer cut mackerel or chicken liver.

Crappie have been suspended deep feeding on bait fish near the West Buoy Line. They are most often caught using finger jigs or live golden shiners.

Paul Eddo 6.5 pound Bass

Sammuel Rodriguez 2.2 pound Crappie

Blue Gathings 10.9 pound Catfish

Jakob Lotze 13.3 pound Trout

Daniel White 7.7 pound Trout

Antonio Ramirez 13.4 pound Catfish

Taylor Ortiz 1.2 pouhd Crappie

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