Trout ReOpener

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Santee Lake Staff

Trout ReOpener

by Santee Lakes Staff

A few shots of Rainbows caught over the weekend at the Trout ReOpener! Here are our top 5 over 5lb. winners:

Dwayne Braden- 11 pounds 15 oz. -Fishing rod and 1 year free parking

Jason Boice- 7 pounds 12 oz.- Coleman camp stove

Heng Pum- 7 pounds 11 oz.-Plano Tackle bag

Daniel Bounsy Arouhvong-6 pounds 10 oz.-Sun Shelter

John Douangsophonh(tie)-6 pounds 7 oz.-Backpack

Jerry Long(tie)-6 pounds 7 oz.-Backpack

Next big fishing event is our Catfish Opener April 6 & 7 SAVE THE DATE!

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