Fisherman's Landing Audio Report Update

Fisherman's Landing Audio Report Update

by Carl Schmidt
(619) 221-8500

Carl Schmidt from Fisherman's Landing checked in with an audio report for the Pac Queen and the Pac Dawn. 

Pacific Queen- 37 Bluefin Tuna onboard with 4-5 going as of the report.  1-110 lbs and most at 30-70 lb range.

Pacific Dawn- on a 1.5 day trip has 26 Bluefin Tuna onboard with 1-120 lbs most in the 30-70 lb range also.  Most of these fish being caught on live bait.

Condor is going out tonight on a 1.5 day trip with about 8 spots left.

Call or check us out online if you want to get out tonight fishing.

If you would like to book a spot at Fisherman’s Landing please BOOK ONLINE or call (619) 221-8500.

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