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You just never Know

by ERNIE PRIETO / Oceanside Sea Center
   You just never know what you might catch on a half day trip in December aboard the Chubasco2. Maybe lots of rockfish, sheepshead and whitefish but maybe, just maybe a large yellowtail. And thats what happened today for this
(More...) (Sunday, December 9, 2018)

Ladies getting the Lunkers!

by ALEC ROBBIE / Polaris Supreme
Ladies are absolutely killing it today! The OTR charter is really getting in on these great grade Yellowfin Tuna!
(More...) (Sunday, December 9, 2018)

Open Party 1.5 Day Return

by SAM MOORE / Intrepid Sportfishing
We returned this morning from our 1.5 day trip and we had extremely tough fishing. Although we did see sign of Bluefin Tuna, they just did not want to cooperate. We were fortunate enough to have beautiful weather and amazing
(More...) (Sunday, December 9, 2018)

Can I Use an Electric Bike to Hunt on a Wildlife Area?

Question: I am a senior citizen. I find it harder every duck season to lug my decoys and gear out to the hunting zones on our state wildlife areas and federal refuges. I know many of these areas allow hunters to
(More...) (Sunday, December 9, 2018)


by TIM EKSTROM / Royal Star Sportfishing
We gave ‘em hell anyway. One glimmer of hope in the form of a few big yellowfin breaking on the surface was short lived, and produced zero. Exhausting every last option the final day logged another forty some odd miles in
(More...) (Friday, December 7, 2018)

Just Added a 1.75 to the Books

by HUNTER DENETTE / Poseidon Sportfishing
Just added a 1.75 to the books. Leaves this Friday the 7th at 11am returns Sunday the 9th at 6am, 400$ meals inc, Fishing for bluefin and yellowfin, Call H&M Landing to book your spot 619-222-1144
(More...) (Monday, December 3, 2018)

Holiday gift card time!

by H&M LANDING / H&M Landing
Don't put those rods away yet!   Boats fishing the Bluefin and Yellowfin grounds have reported 10 Bluefin so far with other fish hanging!  We will update you as more counts come in! Our next trip is a 1-1/2 day trip departing Friday
(More...) (Monday, December 3, 2018)

PQ 1.5 Day Bluefin Tuna Trip

by DREW CARD / Pacific Queen Sportfishing
Captain Drew Card called in this afternoon with an update from Fisherman’s Landing. We have a 1.5 day trip that departs tonight that is a definite go! We will be targeting Bluefin Tuna and the trip is a
(More...) (Sunday, December 2, 2018)

Tuesday Dec 4 Looks to be the Best Weather Window

by RYAN BOSTIAN / The San Diego
Tuesday Dec 4 looks to be the best weather window for those folks looking to fish with us.  If yellowtail are unavailable we will target cod in 180-400 ft.  Before anyone freaks out, this picture was taken a long time
(More...) (Friday, November 30, 2018)

Post Turkey Blues

by ADAM WILLIAMS / New Lo-An Sportfishing
We always leave the dock feeling opportunistic, but this trip the weather reports had us a little on edge. Although we started the first morning with a sharp NW swell and medium 10 to 15 kt winds it made it
(More...) (Thursday, November 29, 2018)

Fat Cat!

by DIXON LAKE STAFF / Dixon Lake
Phil Du with an unofficial 34lb Catfish. WOW! What an awesome fish. Side Note: Please have us weigh your fish so that it can become official when you catch fish like this.
(More...) (Monday, December 3, 2018)

Good Week of Fishing on Lake 3

by SANTEE LAKES STAFF / Santee Lake Recreation
Another great week of fishing! Fernando and family (top left) caught these trout on Lake 3 with a mini jig. Ryan and Henry (top right) caught these trout out of Lake 3 on powerbait. Luke (bottom left) pulled these trout
(More...) (Thursday, November 29, 2018)

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