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Hook up a Happy Holiday

by H&M LANDING / H&M Landing
Good morning anglers, today we have the 1/2 day fishing trip running for sure, departing at 8AM! Aboard the Fisherman III you will catch anything from Rockfish, Sheephead, Calico Bass, Sand Bass, Halibut and other bottom or surface species. Don’t
(More...) (Monday, December 5, 2016)


by INDY CREW / Independence Sportfishing
Good evening folks we made a change of scenery and were very pleasantly pleased with the results when we got set up on the spot. From 2 am till dark it was goooood fishing for 150 to 270 lb. Tuna.
(More...) (Sunday, December 4, 2016)

224 Pounder Today

by ROYAL STAR / Royal Star Sportfishing
Though a slow day overall my confidence about this zone is not shaken. There are enough signs pointing to untapped potential. The road block at present is conditions. A little flow around here would go a long way. All day
(More...) (Sunday, December 4, 2016)

14 Day on the way

by KEVIN OSBORNE / Intrepid Sportfishing
We departed on our 14 day trip headed up by Dave Berutich yesterday morning and are headed south. We will report in a few days when we get to our destination. Here is a list of sponsors for the trip... Costa
(More...) (Sunday, December 4, 2016)

How to Determine if a Black Bear Has a Cub Nearby?

by CARRIE WILSON / California Department of Fish and Game
Question: When hunting bears, how can you be certain that the adult you are stalking does not have a cub nearby? And what should be done if after the harvesting of a bear, you determine or find out that it
(More...) (Thursday, December 1, 2016)

Down for Boat Work

by RYAN BOSTIAN / The San Diego
Myself and the crew would like to thank everyone who joined us for this past season. 2016 will forever be remembered as one of the most unique years. From huge schools of non biting yellowfin tuna to foamers of big
(More...) (Tuesday, November 29, 2016)

Liberty Schedule Update

by FISHERMAN'S LANDING STAFF / Fisherman's Landing
The Liberty will be back online running 3/4 day islands trips starting on Saturday 12/17. They will be running Saturday & Sunday only until the 24th. The Liberty will start running daily on the 12/26!
(More...) (Tuesday, November 29, 2016)

Awesome November Bluefin Bite

by MARK LARSON / Seaforth Landing
11/20/2016 UPDATES 1:30pm- Captain Cole Byron aboard the Aztec has called in with 15 bluefin tuna with lots of time to catch a lot more. 9:15am - The Tribute is returning this morning from their 1.5 Day Trip with 44 bluefin(90% of
(More...) (Sunday, November 20, 2016)

Returning Bluefin

by BIG HUNGRY / Point Loma Sportfishing
Markus docked in with 21 Bluefin this morning. Quality fish in the 70-100lb range. Weather was amazing cooperative with good spirits to accompany them. Their next trip will be leaving Friday night at 7:00pm and still has plenty of room
(More...) (Sunday, November 20, 2016)

Openings and Custom Calstar x r

by PAT CAVANAUGH / Pacific Dawn Sportfishing
We have 5 open spots open for Sunday night fishing Monday. We depart at 9pm Sunday and return at 7pm the following day. $170 ultra limited 18 passengers. Sponsored by Wil's Tackle, giving away a custom wrapped Calstar rod! :) Call Chartermaster
(More...) (Wednesday, November 9, 2016)

Lake Jennings Fishing Report

by LAKE JENNINGS STAFF / Lake Jennings Staff
When it rains, it pours 13 lb catfish at LJ! Check out this beautiful Channel Catfish caught today at Lake Jennings.
(More...) (Monday, November 28, 2016)

Santee Lake Fishing Report

by SANTEE LAKES STAFF / Santee Lake Recreation
Catching the Spotlight Kai Chiba caught 2 Bass out of lake 1 while on a recent fishing trip with his Dad. He caught one using a baitcaster with a topwater lure. This was his first catch with this setup. Great job
(More...) (Monday, June 13, 2016)

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