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Nice Dorado on the Prowler

by FISHERMANS LANDING STAFF / Fishermans Landing
This Dorado was caught on a recent 1.5 day trip aboard the Prowler.
(More...) (Saturday, October 21, 2017)

Indy Shootout JP Winners

by MATT KAULLEN / Independence Sportfishing
1st place George Hager 159.7 2nd place Michael Mclay 141.4 3rd place Ron Hirao 138 Thanks again to a great group see you again soon. Matthew R Kaullen
(More...) (Friday, October 20, 2017)

 Record Bluefin

by FRANK URSITTI - RANGER 85 / Ranger 85 Sportfishing
Joe Roder of San Diego landed not only his personal best, but the LARGEST Bluefin Tuna to hit the deck of a Southern California Sportboat in history. The epic battle between man and beast took place some 50 miles from San
(More...) (Thursday, September 21, 2017)

Huge Day

by BILL CAVANAUGH / Intrepid Sportfishing
Hi Gang, Today started out the way you dream about on these long trips. Small tuna and skipjack around the boat in the dark and the guys started using them for bait. Five to seven pound baits, unlimited 130 lb gear,
(More...) (Friday, October 20, 2017)

Good Reason

by TIM EKSTROM / Royal Star Sportfishing
Classic passage north with a bit of bump and roll reminding us that access to Isla Guadalupe is limited for good reason. That is a real stretch of open ocean between home and there; one that will serve up a
(More...) (Friday, October 20, 2017)

Big Bluefin

by SEAFORTH STAFF / Seaforth Landing
The Aztec returned from their 1.5 Day trip with two big bluefin, weighing in 225 and 310 pounds
(More...) (Friday, October 20, 2017)

Can Javelina be Hunted in California?

by CARRIE WILSON / California Department of Fish and Game
Question: I am new to Southern California and have been hearing about javelina in the southeastern part of the state. Can I use a pig tag or can I even hunt them? (Jared O.) Answer: Although javelina (Pecari tajacu or Tayassu tajacu)
(More...) (Thursday, October 19, 2017)

Old Glory and Ocean Odyssey going for sure tonight!

by H&M LANDING / H&M Landing
It Ain’t Over! The Old Glory checked in with 100+ Yellowfin Tuna & are in another bite right now!!! The Relentless is fishing 3/4 day at the Coronado Islands today, so far they have 20+ Yellowtail, 6 Bluefin Tuna (up to 25
(More...) (Wednesday, October 18, 2017)

Nice Grade Dorado Caught Aboard the Condor

by FISHERMANS LANDING STAFF / Fishermans Landing
This nice grade Dorado was caught off of the Condor from their 1.5 day trip!
(More...) (Sunday, October 15, 2017)

293 Pounder

by PAT CAVANAUGH (SAN DIEGO) / Pacific Dawn Sportfishing
Captain Pat Cavanaugh checked in with an update from the Pacific Dawn out of Fisherman's Landing in San Diego, CA. Our recent two day trips was a success we ended up with 62 Yellowtail and 1 Bluefin Tuna.
(More...) (Monday, October 9, 2017)

Eclipse Has Limits Of Yellowfin

by ERIC SAUERWEIN / Eclipse Sportfishing Charters LLC
Capt Jeff checked in from the Eclipse as they are headed back in with limits of Yellowfin Tuna, 15 Dorado, 12 Yellowtail and bunch of Skipjack Tuna today. It was limit style fishing today for the Yellowfin Tuna, they ate
(More...) (Saturday, October 7, 2017)

Murray Reservoir Fishing Report

The lake temperature is still in the low 80s and the bass are hitting well all around the lake. San Carlos Bay, Del Cerro Point, and Cowles point are all producing nice fish. There were no reports of Catfish
(More...) (Sunday, August 20, 2017)

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