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Polaris Supreme Trip Report 07-17-18

by TEAM SUPREME / Polaris Supreme
Still heading up today. Prospecting for Tuna. Limited loads and culinary excellence is a huge factor in every long range fishing experience. From 1.5 - 23 days we always keep the standard set high! Here we have veteran crewmen Chris, nick name
(More...) (Tuesday, July 17, 2018)

298# Bluefin!

by SEAFORTH STAFF / Seaforth Landing
The Voyager returned this morning with 13 Bluefin Tuna and 5 Yellowfin Tuna. They landed a couple of monster Bluefin, with the largest weighing in at 298 pounds! Congratulations to Captain Todd and the passengers and crew of the Voyager.
(More...) (Tuesday, July 17, 2018)

Travel Day

by BILL CAVANAUGH / Intrepid Sportfishing
Hi Gang, Today was a travel day for us as we are making time to be in position for our fishing day tomorrow. Our day was spent with a tackle seminar after breakfast that covered the ins and outs of fishing
(More...) (Tuesday, July 17, 2018)


by TIM EKSTROM / Royal Star Sportfishing
A long morning with little action was taken in stride. Epic weather and recent history instilled confidence in our strategical decision to sit and wait. Though normally we would be hot on their trail in search mode if the pace
(More...) (Monday, July 16, 2018)

The Big ones are back!

by H&M LANDING / H&M Landing
Captain Kley on the Old Glory has called in with 11 Bluefin and 3 Yellowfin.  The fishing is picking up so Captain Kley put a will run for tonight's overnight.  It is a very light load departing tonight at 9
(More...) (Monday, July 16, 2018)

Got into Some Good Fish!

Captain Mike checked in today with an update.  Got into some good fish. Have 5 Bluefin and 4 Yellowfin upto 20lb-30lbs. on the boat already.  Seeing lots of fish. Have room on some open party trips this week, get a goodie
(More...) (Monday, July 16, 2018)

Cows and more cows

by ADAM WILLIAMS / New Lo-An Sportfishing
We started the morning on a nice school of these big fish that were reluctant to bite. It wasnt until mid morning they were floating high and dry ready to explode on our kite baits and yummy fliers. Lots of
(More...) (Monday, July 16, 2018)

8 Bluefin Tuna over 200lbs!

by DREW CARD / Pacific Queen Sportfishing
Unbelievable, 8 Bluefin Tuna over 200lbs and 4 more from 146-193lbs. The weights of the individual Bluefin are as follows, 146, 188, 189, 193, 200, 203, 205, 212, 216, 223, 226, and 281. Trip of a lifetime!
(More...) (Sunday, July 15, 2018)

Morning half day update

by ERNIE PRIETO / Oceanside Sea Center
Captain Tiny aboard the Chubasco2 is having an excellent morning of half day fishing with approximately 40-50 calico bass on board for only 10 anglers. We still have room on the afternoon half day departing at 12:30pm. Come on down
(More...) (Sunday, July 15, 2018)

Hot and humid on land but the ocean has a nice cool breeze with some biting fish

by ERNIE PRIETO / Oceanside Sea Center
  The Sea Star, Pronto and Chubasco2 all on three quarter day charters had some fun bass fishing along with some sheephead, sand bass and rock fish. It sure was hot on the beach but the ocean had a nice cool
(More...) (Saturday, July 14, 2018)

Lake Jennings Fishing Report

by LAKE JENNINGS STAFF / Lake Jennings Staff
Bass were hitting on Senkos last weekend along Big Rock and the campground shoreline. No huge bass caught but plenty seen swimming around! The Catfish bite was productive in Shadow Cove. Early morning and sunset is the perfect time to
(More...) (Saturday, July 7, 2018)

San Diego River Girl

by CHAD WOODS / Sportfishingreport.com
Angler Pete Rincon checked in this afternoon with a report from the San Diego River. Check out this healthy girl that Pete caught today using s Shaky Head with a Gary Yamamoto 5 inch seiko on a 7 foot
(More...) (Monday, November 13, 2017)

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