the Tuesday Fish Tale

the Tuesday Fish Tale

by H&M Landing
(619) 222-1144

Ranger 85 and Ocean Odyssey returned to the dock with a total combined catch of 64 Yellowfin Tuna, 8 Dorado, 3 Yellowtail and 113 SkipJack.

Daiwa Pacific is headed home with 95 Yellowfin Tuna (Limits!)

Available Departures:

Tuesday: Overnight Freelance:   ONLY A FEW REMAINING SPOTS:   9 PM:   Book Now

Wednesday: 2 Day Freelance:   Excalibur:   $595:   8 PM:   Book Now

   Overnight Freelance:   Producer $245 / Old Glory $215:   9 PM:   Book Now

Thursday: Overnight Freelance:   Mustang:   $225:   9 PM:   Book Now

Grande departs daily at 5:30 AM for Full Day fishing. Each trip this week (thru 9/21) is committed to Offshore Freelance and a Guaranteed Go. No passport needed. $155/$145. Treat Yourself to a Trip Today.

1/2 Day Trips depart daily at 6:30 AM and 1 PM fishing the local fishing- Perfect for Quick 'Fish Fix'!  

H&M is the West Coast’s most established sportfishing landing providing Offshore adventures since 1935. Call (619) 222-1144 or reserve online at

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