The Legend

The Legend

by Tim Ekstrom
(619) 221-8500

A blessed ride up in beautiful weather that encouraged anglers to unwind and reminisce about experiences recent and distant past. One day was hardly enough to recount all the shared, priceless memories but sufficient time was dedicated adding perspective and incentive for next year and beyond. 

For the Las Rocas legend will live on in the form of a 9/12 day voyage 2020 that will feature fishing on the ride south and ample time in the giant yellowfin zone along the “Beach” between Bahia Magdalena and Los Cabos. Aligned with the perfect time of the year in early January 2020 the 18 angler, limited load will ensured ample rail space and exclusive company while pursuing giant yellowfin. 

The fly home option offered from Los Cabos on the final day will eliminate three days of travel time north and maximize fishing time during the nine days anglers will spend on board. This is a big fish outing, have no doubt, but we seek to mix in some ridge/Alijos/offshore action on the passage south to break up the ride and add variety to voyage. Give Tracy, Brian, or I a call in the office any time to discuss details and/or book on.

Today’s photo is unique to the Las Rocas voyage now in the 12th season. The Legend Award, in the highest honor of “The Legend” himself Jerry Kruse, honors those fortunate enough to land the largest yellowfin tuna on the annual Las Rocas voyage. This year Steve Ong will join the esteemed ranks with his jumbo 267. The list before 2019 speaks for itself. A regular pantheon of big fish masters honors the award with their hard earned trophies memorialized on the placard accompanying the beautifully hand crafted symbol of achievement.

More photos and content will continue as we head up the line through Tuesday in what appears to be fairly nice weather. The show goes on.

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Royal Star

Captains Randy Toussant & Tim Ekstrom
Fisherman's Landing
San Diego, CA

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