by Fishermans Landing Staff
(619) 221-8500

December 6th, 2017

The Pacific Queen called in with limits of Bluefin (15-25#), 4 Yellowfin tuna (50#) and are now focusing on the Yellowfin.

The Liberty returned this AM with LIMITS of Bluefin Tuna (18) for 9 anglers! The fish grade are between 15 and 25 pounds. 

For the 1.5 day trips we recommend the following,
Please come prepared with your standard 25-50lb test gear and also come equipped with at least one 60, 80, 100 or 130lb test set up. 
-200-250 gram flatfall jigs with a short 130-200lb leader. 
-2/0-5/0 circle hooks 
-an assortment of fluorocarbon 25-130lb 
- 4-8oz torpedo sinkers and rubber bands

The Dolphin will be doing their yearly maintenance and will start running December 16, 2017. 

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