Beautiful Tuna

Beautiful Tuna

Big Hungry

The New Lo-An returned from a 1.5 day trip on 9/5/17 with 23 Bluefin Tuan for 21 passengers. The Bluefin currently being caught seem to be from 90lbs to over 150lbs. These are trophy size fish and we cannot stress enough that having the proper gear is a huge advantage in landing one of these giants. If you have questions, please give our tackle shop a call at (619) 223-2519.

Recommended Tackle:

A two speed reel with at least 60# test
Fluorocarbon leader material
4oz and 6oz torpedo sinkers with rubber bands
Shimano Flat Fall lures

New Lo-An

Captain Markus Medak
Point Loma Sportfishing
San Diego, CA