Good Life

Photo Credit: Royal Star Crew

Good Life

by Tim Ekstrom
(619) 221-8500

Traveling up looking we covered a lot of good miles in search of something, anything for the guys working in the local zones; and our three day departing tomorrow. The results were not what we were hoping for, but did leave enough room in the assessment for hope. Good conditions, plenty of birds and bait, dolphins, and whales suggest an abundance of life and all the attractive elements of the food chain ideal for apex game fish. The timing just isn’t right. It’s not quite there yet. But it will be. Content with our catch on board the paltry few fish that we did land were taken in stride as miles passed astern in fine looking conditions.

A highly festive atmosphere closed out the voyage on a high note as revelers let loose enjoying the traditional prime rib meal exactly as it should be. Tomorrow begins a new chapter as Captain Randy Toussaint heads out for a local three day run with bluefin tuna on the mind.

Photo today features long time Royal Star veteran and friend Don Ballanti with a 109 pound yellowfin tuna that complimented his final day of fishing at the island. Always on the upper end of the success scale Don had an incredible day at the rail Monday hooking at least half a dozen  beauties while everyone else tipped their hats in pure respect for his fishing skill. Rightly so as this was no accident. It happens all the time. Congrats to Don on a great trip. And our gratitude to everyone joining us on the final Tim Marshall five day long range adventure. The pleasure was certainly ours!

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Royal Star

Captains Randy Toussant & Tim Ekstrom
Fisherman's Landing
San Diego, CA

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