Colonet a definite go, light load!

Photo Credit: Rusty

Colonet a definite go, light load!

by Gavin Harbour
(619) 992-7686

Captain Gavin Harbour called in this afternoon with an audio announcment from the Pacific Queen out of Fisherman's Landing.  We have a Punta Colonett trip departing Friday night.  We will be targeting Yellowtail, Rockfish and Bluefin Tuna.  The load is light.  Call Fisherman's Landing at (619) 221-8500 or BOOK ONLINE.

The Pacific Queen runs fishing trips out of Fisherman's Landing in San Diego, CA. If you would like to go fishing on the Pacific Queen you can call (619) 221-8500 or you can BOOK ONLINE.

Pacific Queen

Captain Drew Card
Fisherman's Landing
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